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Spray Shield

Spray Shield

This is a great product for breaking up dog fights. Non-toxic and not harmful - dogs take one whiff and go the other way! Not a mace. Not harmful. Easy to use. Makes an invisible barrier between dogs. Citronilla oil base.
  • Details

    A citronella based spray tested and found as effective as pepper spray without the harming the dog or making them more aggressive.
    Formulated to minimize eye irritation.
    Sprays up to 10 - 12 feet.

    Actual Review:
    "I bought this because i walk my two dogs every day, twice a day, and my neighborhood has way too many loose and aggressive dogs running around. just yesterday i used it for the first time. a big dog came at my dogs baring teeth and growling -- and i waited a little bit before spraying the poor thing because i hate to do it -- but when there was no other choice i sprayed the dog in the face from about 2-3 feet back, and it hit the dog direct on, and the dog didn't whine or cry or anything but merely squished his face back and turned and went another direction. i could tell it was unpleasant but i was very happy to see that it wasn't so painful to the dog. it sure surprised him and he left us alone after that which is a big deal because one of my dogs was going nuts growling too."

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