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Pet Adoption Forms:

You can use the pull down menu to fill out a form online right now.

1. Hover your mouse over the "Application" tab above

2. Scroll down to your desired application

3. Fill it out and click send

4. You're done!

If you want to makes sure we got your application, or have something to add, simply send an email to:


The adoption process is decided by our board members. After visiting and deciding to adopt, our board has final approval over the adoption process. Decisions are typically made quickly and painlessly :)


Paws 4 the Cause is an all volunteer organization! We have day jobs, our own pets and our own personal lives. We do this out of a desire to help these pets have better lives! We do not make any money - for every dollar you spend on your adoption, we have spent a hundred! Every adoption is a monetary loss. The money comes form a generous yearly corporate donation from and whatever funds we can raise on the side - sometimes from our own pockets! We ask that you respect the process and our time. We are not always available right away, but we do welcome your interest and invite you to take all the time you need to make your decision and to visit your potential pet during the adoption process. If, after adopting, you change your mind, the pet is always welcome back as a return - no questions asked.


All dogs are neutered or spayed prior to adoption, and are checked for any health concerns, as well as receiving combination and rabies vaccinations. That being said, you are encouraged to monitor your new pets health, checking periodically for the presence of any parasites in the stool or blood.


Thank you very much for caring!

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